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Where do we go from here

First steps.

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Explore Manhattan's Upper East side as only gossip girl can.

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Trip Ideas

The list is endless, however I have a bucket list and other traveling mothers that are willing to share their travel ideas with us.  Take the whole idea or use it for inspiration. If the idea is a link I have done it and all my dirty details are behind that link: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula […]

Trip Tips

Remember who you are dealing with.  They are teenagers.  One moment they are having a lively conversation with you and the next second you are the worst person in the world. Do not plan alone, get insights, feedback and review and revise the schedule with the family.  Sometimes you might not want feedback, if that’s […]

Travel is a Sport

Sometimes life pitches, punts or spikes you an opportunity to travel.  Take it and make the best of it.  In our family these events are typically 1:1 ratio of parent to kid, as many times the other one has something the same weekend as well.  Great memories on the road. Volleyball tournaments are a blast, […]

Adventures of the Majestic Beard

Dean has been blessed (yes blessed) with an amazing beard.  Not only is it naturally handsome, it keeps the mosquitoes away in the summer and his face warm in the winter.  Every trip the beard has its own adventures.   Eventually it will turn white and he will be an awesome Santa at the mall but until then…